Get to know bhapi, Australia’s first family safe social media platform


Set to launch in Australia in mid-October 2021, bhapi presents an innovative way to use social media.

Created by tech guru Mick Esber, the social media app rates, classifies, and blocks negative, fake, biased, hateful, violent and explicit content using best-in-class technology. It has been designed to deliver easy-to-use tools for users to manage what they send and receive, and does not sell personal data to third parties.

“Let’s face it, if you’re like me and spend a few hours a day on social media; negative, fake, and toxic content is hard to ignore – it often appears to take priority, not just in my feed, but my family’s social media feeds as well. It can impact offline relationships in our household and can make us all feel more stressed and anxious”, says bhapi’s founder and CEO.

bhapi came out of my desire to do my part to create a happier and safer world, one message at a time. I like to think of it as a family social media platform. We have created it to be a safe place for sharing and receiving content that is AI reviewed, human moderated, and a commitment to never share your data with third parties.”, defines Esber.

A recent study revealed that 96% of Australians aged 18-56 currently use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter or Snapchat and were most concerned about the security of their personal information. Over half were also concerned about their data being sold, closely followed by the uncertainty of what their children are exposed to and the fact that there are currently no laws around what can and can’t be shared. 

“We passionately believe in freedom of speech, but freedom of reach or to amplify our views or opinions is a privilege which if left unchecked can have a serious effect on people’s general well-being. For too long we’ve come to accept both freedom of speech and reach, almost unconditionally as the ‘way things are’. This app is more than just a numbers game for us, it’s also about developing a platform that really addresses the harmful effects that can be caused by social media.”, said Mick.

What makes bhapi different?

  • It is safe place so you can enjoy a social media platform without putting your mental health in jeopardy.
  • We don’t sell your data and personal information to 3rd parties.
  • Our platform is a protected and non-toxic environment.
  • We are a trusted and safe place for sharing and receiving content that is AI reviewed moderated to ensure a safe space.
  • We believe that freedom of speech isn’t freedom of reach, so all unapproved content is not shared publicly but still saved for the user in their private folder.
  • Our app is free and easy to use.

The app is in private beta but we are working hard to make it available to you soon! Subscribe to our Newsletter to get updates about bhapi and more content like this.

Let’s make the world a safer and happier place!

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