Take children’s online experience
to a safer level.

Learn about responsible and safe social media use, as well as the importance of digital citizenship.

Alarming statistics needing urgent action

0 %
of 12-year-olds have at least two social media accounts
0 %
of teenage boys are exposed to web pornography
0 %
of teen girls are posting nude or semi-nude images
0 %
of youth suicides are directly linked to cyberbullying

What bhapi can provide​

A closed, secure

An environment that is only accessible to students and teachers within the school community.

Moderation and
filtering tools

Ensure that all content and interactions are appropriate and safe for students.

Educational resources
and tools

Help students learn about digital citizenship, online safety, and responsible social media use.

With bhapi, students can communicate and
collaborate with their classmates and teachers in a
secure, closed environment.​

No cyberbullying

No inappropriate content

No exposing of personal information

Parents can also have peace of mind knowing that
their child is communicating with trusted individuals
within the school community.

A closed, secure environment

Moderation and filtering tools

Educational resources and tools

Bhapi is not just a social media platform, it is a tool that helps students learn about responsible and safe social media use, as well as the importance of digital citizenship. By using our app, students can gain valuable skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

bhapi is suitable for the whole family! This way everyone can engage with their loved ones in a protected and non-toxic environment.

We created a safe place so you can enjoy a social media platform without putting your mental health in jeopardy.

If you’re a school looking for a safe and secure social media app for your students, or a parent looking for a way to keep your child safe online, our app is the perfect solution. Experience the benefits of a safe, secure, and educational social media platform.