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Bhapi® is the premier safe social media platform. 

It’s a trusted social media platform built for families.

Bhapi® provides a trusted and safe space for sharing and receiving AI-moderated content. We ensure that unapproved content is not shared publicly, believing that freedom of speech isn’t freedom of reach; instead, it is saved privately for the user.

Bhapi® creates a non-toxic environment where users can positively share and engage with friends and family, unlike current social media platforms.

Sadly, the current social media platforms, used daily by millions worldwide, increase mental health problems, including anxiety, depression, and suicidality. In teens, these platforms even affect the highly active reward centers in their brains.

Some of the risks associated with social media are:

  • Disrupted sleep
  • Accessing inappropriate material or websites
  • Sharing personal information without consent
  • Being harassed or bullied
  • Identity theft
  • Mental health issues like depression and anxiety are particularly prevalent among teenage girls, who are more likely to experience cyberbullying through social media sites.


We classify toxic content as any content that allows users to criticize, belittle, bully, and berate others on the platform. Current social media platforms spread disinformation and encourage engagement with fake news more than with fact-checked real news, making them toxic as well.

Bhapi® features a public posting area called ‘memos’ (short for memories) for sharing content, and a private messaging space for direct communication between users. Content in the public area is moderated to a ‘G’ rating level, per MPAA standards. 

If users post content that doesn’t meet this rating, it is saved as a draft in their private area and can be shared via private messages. Users can request moderation review and feedback for their memos or others’ through our moderators. We plan to establish a global independent panel to govern and escalate moderation decisions.

All memos (public space) are moderated to MPAA standard of ‘G’ rating. 

Including but not exclusively :

  • Cyberbullying – Tends to be digital bullying from people who are anonymous but know you.
  • Trolling – Tends to be harassment from people who are anonymous but who don’t know you.
  • Hate speech or discrimination of any kind.
  • Disinformation, clearly false or misleading information.
  • Sexual harassment – The unwanted sexual behaviour where a reasonable person would have anticipated that the person harassed would feel offended, humiliated or intimidated. It has nothing to do with consensual behaviour.
  • Catfishing & grooming – Deceptive activity involves creating a fictional persona or fake identity on social media or gaming networks, often targeting a specific victim. Grooming specifically targets minors with pedophilic intent.
  • Sextortion – It involves threatening to share digital content, usually images or videos, unless the victim complies with certain demands, typically of a sexual or violent nature.
  • Doxing – Intentionally exposing an individual’s identity, private information, and personal data without consent is done to cause damage or embarrassment.
  • Deep fakes – Perpetrators engage in a form of artificial doxing by creating compromising images and videos of individuals to cause damage or embarrassment.
  • Illegal content – This can include images and videos depicting child sexual abuse, advocating terrorist acts, promoting or inciting crime or violence, showing real violence, cruelty, criminal activity, and animal cruelty.
  • Pornographic or sexual content 
  • Violent content – Content glorifying or trivialising violence.
  • Self Harm and suicidal content – Content that encourages self harm and suicidal behaviour.
  • Drug related content – Content relating to purchase, consumption, manufacturer and distribution of illegal or prescription drugs.

Memories (posts) on Bhapi® are near-time rather than real-time, enabling AI processing and intervention. We utilize multiple AI models that we monitor and refine based on user feedback, ensuring continuous improvement of Bhapi®’s AI capabilities. Currently, we employ the Perspective API and are integrating customized versions of Detoxify and Moderator. Our technical approach is fully cloud-native and designed for scalability.

  • Clear policy implementation with AI models and moderators.
  • Near time not real time public posting.
  • Full COPPA compliance (in progress, currently support 13+ years only, once COPPA compliant we will be available for under 13 year olds.)

Bhapi® is a free app that does not charge monthly fees or recurring amounts. However, we offer in-app purchase options like parental controls.

In the future, you’ll find additional in-app purchase options in our marketplace and online games, suitable for the entire family.

Parents can ensure younger family members only make in-app purchases using credits in their virtual wallets.

Account owners can also establish allowances to maintain control over regular spending within the app.

As we conduct much of our lives online, from social media and shopping to search engines, understanding how businesses use, collect, and share your personal information is crucial.

It’s essential to be cautious about sharing personal information to protect yourself from identity theft, fraud, financial cyber-attacks, cyberbullying, and harassment, as your data can be stored indefinitely.

We ensure personal data is not shared or sold to third parties. We encrypt all attachments and regularly conduct external security testing.

The AI model gets human feedback to ensure its improvement in a managed and sustainable manner.

We consider the TV-G classification as a guideline.

According to it, most parents would find a TV-G program suitable for all ages.[67]

TV-GMost parents would find this program suitable for all ages.[67] The FCC states that “this rating does not signify a program designed specifically for children, most parents may let younger children watch this program unattended.”[67] The thematic elements portrayed in programs with this rating contain little or no violence, no strong language, and little or no sexual dialogue or situations.[68]

You’ll have access to the features below by default:

  • AI moderation to ensure a safe environment with non-toxic content.
  • Ability to post on your profile (create ‘Memories’), check posts on your feed and engage with the content shared by others.
  • Instant messenger.
  • Protection of your data and personal information. We don’t sell them to 3rd parties!
  • Parental controls (monitor inbox messages, control screen time and other functionalities)
  • Digital wallet to control family expenses inside the app
  • Access to Bhapi® Marketplace [future development]
  • Create, sell, buy and share collectibles [future development]
  • Educative online games [future development]
  • Exclusive ebooks around mental health and online safety education [future development]

No lock in contracts. Simply download the app from Google Play (Android users) or the Apple Store (iPhone users). Accept our Terms & Conditions and you’re all settled!

Apple pay & Android Pay.

The Bhapi® public beta will be available on Google Play (Android users) and Apple Store (iPhone users) on September 2021.